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40 Races Complete!

40 Races Complete!

Finishing Ironman Lake Tahoe

Triumphant Finish at Ironman Lake Tahoe

Finally, it’s all over! This last status update has been a long time in coming, mainly because I’ve gotten busy at work, but also because the day was long and I’m still trying to collect my thoughts.

Thank you, to each and every one of you who supported me through this journey, mostly from afar, but also those of you who had run or trained with me. A special thanks to those of you who had also donated to the non profit organizations I’m working with. It’s a special honor to get to run for a cause bigger than yourself.

A super special thanks to Jessica Laufenberg of SBR Endurance Performance Center and Todd Holesovsky of Endurance House Middleton for supporting and sponsoring me from the beginning. Also loads of thanks to coach Bill Martin for planning workouts and the whole year with me. Could definitely have not done this without all of you!

And now onto the race report!


Final Update – Race #40, Ironman Lake Tahoe!

Tomorrow is the big day, Race #40, Ironman Lake Tahoe! If you want to live track me, go to the Ironman Live events page for Ironman Lake Tahoe. You can look me up by my race number, #907.

I arrived in the Lake Tahoe area on Tuesday to try to get acclimated to the altitude and just generally relax a bit here. I did go for a swim and a short run on Wednesday to see how the air would affect me, and the short 10 minute swim left me out of breath quickly. I did pull it back a little bit for a 20 minute run and that seemed to work out well, but it’s clear I will have to dial back the effort levels on race day.  (more…)

Disneyland Half Marathon (Race 39) done! – On to Ironman!

Race #39 is in the book, the 10th running of the Disneyland Half Marathon. As I’ve done all 9 previous Disneyland Half Marathons, I’m entrenched here as a Legacy Runner, one of only a few hundred who’s plunked down money every year for the privilege of running 13.1 miles through the Disneyland Resort, business park Anaheim, and and and around Anaheim’s sports facilities.



All of the legacy runners’ names are behind me.


Race #39 Preview – Disneyland Half Marathon – Taper started!

The Happiest Place on Earth is where I’m going for race #39! The 10th running of the Disneyland Half Marathon is this weekend, and having done all 9 previous races, I’m in as a “Legacy” runner. That doesn’t mean much other than I’ve given a lot of money to Disney and they’ll give me a T-Shirt and special bib for it.

With my proof of time from the Trailbreaker Half Marathon, I get to start in Corral A, a corral I’ve never been in a runDisney race. This won’t mean much other than the fact that it will be less crowded when I start, but the biggest benefit is the shorter lines for character photos. I’m definitely going to try get some pictures this weekend and not exert myself too much as I start my taper.

I’m also hoping to meet up with a bunch of new friends I met at the Dopey Challenge back in January!


Madison Mini Marathon Completed and Last Week of Long Training!

Race #38, the Madison Mini Marathon has been completed. Thanks to everyone who pledged, jog-a-thon style, for me to run my best race. I ran just over 1:53, which was a personal record for this race (on a slightly changed course due to Union Terrace construction), and raised $340 more towards the three charities.


Race #38!

Katie and I started in Corral E, and after meeting up with our friend Jesse, we were on our way. I used my newfound form to get going at a quick, but not super difficult pace. The course was slightly uphill here, heading away from the Union Terrace and then into the Capitol Square (where the farmer’s market was going on), before heading back down State St. and into the rest of Madison. Little did I know there were more hills to come.

Race #38 – Madison Mini Marathon – Sponsor me, Jog-a-Thon style!

Race #38 is coming up tomorrow, the Madison Mini Marathon. This will be my 5th time at this race, just missing 2009 (before I moved here) and 2014 when I was probably at GenCon. As I get closer and closer to the date of Ironman Lake Tahoe, the volume of training is going to decrease a bit, but I’ll try to keep up the intensity of the shorter stuff. I have this race, The Disneyland Half Marathon which I’ll probably pull back a little bit and then finally Race #40.

This is the last chance to help motivate me on this run and do good for the charity groups I’m working with. I’m looking to get pledges for this race, either a flat donation, or jog-a-thon style, where I’ll take pledges for each minute I’m under 2:14. This splits the difference between my 1:56 PR at this race, and the 2:32 time I put in the last time I ran this before Ironman.

No amount is too small, I’ll be in touch after I run. Just fill out the form below, and thank you!

Pledge Amount: $*
Pledge Type:*

I also should have one or two long bike rides remaining to try to dial down my nutrition and effort as well. Should be fun. Open Water Swimming has also moved to Law Park in Lake Monona, mainly for those who are doing Ironman Wisconsin. I’ll plan on cheering them on during the race, then taking Monday off before heading on a plane to California!

The home stretch, races 35-37!

Races #35-37 happened within a span of 8 days last week. As the last few weeks go by, I’m getting near the end of my 40 races journey.

Race #35 – USAT Age Group National Championships

The USAT Age Group National Championships wasn’t a race I expected to participate in, but after being the only one in my age group at the Winter Wonderland Triathlon, (also thanks to ageing up due to USAT rules), I decided to take my qualifying spot in this race instead of the Dairyland Dare which I had planned on riding as more training.

I spent Friday night in Milwaukee after picking up my race packet. Saturday morning, I headed down early to the race venue with plenty of time to get my transition area set up. The plan was pretty simple, as a relatively short race, I could plan to give a little more effort. The flat bike and run would help in that regard as well.

The day started off slow as I basically waited an hour after the first wave went off before my 40-44 Male age group wave started the swim. It was an out and around course, following several orange and yellow bouys. My plan was to allow everyone a few seconds head start so it would be less likely that I’d get kicked in the face, though I did take an elbow right to the goggles. (more…)

Keep Tim Motivated! – August Fundraiser

I will be running in the Madison Mini Marathon (Race #38) on Saturday, August 22. This will be the 5th time I’ve run the race in my 5+ years living here. It’s always a great race, going through downtown Madison, to State Street, then through the Arboretum and back through the UW campus to finish.

For this year’s race (one of my last long runs before Ironman), I’m hoping to motivate myself through your donations. Like in a jog-a-thon, I’m asking for donations for each minute I run faster than 2:14*. Of course, I’ll also be accepting flat donations, but I’m hoping to motivate me to finish this race strong and make money for the charities at the same time! I’ll be shooting for a time of 2:00 or better, if that helps.

Please fill out the form and I’ll be getting in contact with you after the race!

Pledge Amount: $*
Pledge Type:*
Madison Mini Marathon

The Madison Mini Marathon

*My previous best at this race is a 1:56, while my previous time at this race in a year I did Ironman was 2:32, so I’m splitting the difference.

Race #35 – USA Triathlon Age-Group National Championships

This weekend, the USA Triathlon Age-Group National Championships will be contested in Milwaukee, WI, just about 90 minutes from Madison. Thanks to my age-group win in the Winter Wonderland Triathlon back in February, I qualified for the Olympic distance race this weekend. I have no expectations of the race, other than making it my last training triathlon before Ironman Lake Tahoe. I will very likely be in last place in my age group, possibly even in the entire race, though I won’t be in the last wave so hopefully I won’t cross the finish line last.

Follow along with their live stream on the day of the event!

Fellow SBR athletes Suzy, John and coach Mali (and possibly a few others) will be racing on Saturday with me, while Tyler and Katy will be racing in the sprint distance championships the day after.


Race #34 down, Urban Dare Minneapolis

Race #34 was this past weekend with Urban Dare Minneapolis. The Urban Dare is an Amazing Race type urban scavenger hunt with various “dares” at certain checkpoints. Katie and I formed our team of 2 and met race director Kevin’s Urban Dare team at the Pour House in downtown Minneapolis.

With race director Kevin Keefe afterwards!

With race director Kevin Keefe afterwards!

The clues are below if you want to try to play along. Answers and pictures will follow.

The Clues:

#1 – Go to the bell from the USS Minneapolis for your balloon dare.

#2 – Guys and Dolls is a musical based on his book. Get your picture in front of a restaurant that goes by this author’s last name.

#3 – Chef Gordon Ramsay puts would be cook’s through the paces in his hit reality cooking shot. Get your picture in front of the restaurant that goes by the show’s title.

#4 – This son of Greil avenged his father’s death by killing the black knight. Get your picture in front of his restaurant.

#5 – In Japan this art of paper folding is a noble pursuit. Here in Minneapolis it’s a restaurant where you must take your picture.

#6 – PHOTO HUNT – Get a picture of 2 people reenacting the famous WWII photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Get a picture of 3 people doing see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. You may not use the same person more than once, nor any race participants.

#7 – He won 7 American League batting titles, including from 1972-1975. Get your picture with his statue.

#8 – Go to the cancer survivor’s park for your scrabble dare.

#9 – Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman were detectives in this 1995 film. Get your picture in front of a restaurant that goes by this movie’s name.

#10 – Go to Phoenix Rising, a sculpture made from guns that were melted down, for your 3-legged dare.

#11 – This goddess of wisdom was the daughter of Jupiter and part of the holy triad with Uni and Tinia. Get your picture with a statue of her reading a book. She’s inside.

#12 – …—… means SOS in this medium. Get your picture in front of an advertising agency that goes by this name.